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If you have made the decision to surround your property, deck or swimming pool with an ornamental fence, then the your best option is doing it the assisstance of an expert.

Choosing the ideal fence pattern involves many factors. The most important is to maintain the integrity of your home’s exterior.We will work with you to design a fence that best compliments your home's architectural design, looks great, fits your budget, and that you will enjoy for many years to come.

Railings are an integral design element used both indoors and outdoors. Railing designs add both ornamental detail and improved safety. Upgrade from a plain wood stair railing by replacing it with wrought iron that has been enhanced with beautifully hand forged components.

In your home, the right railing choice can perfectly set off elegant stone work or visually seperate disparate spaces. We view each project as a unique opportunity to create a one-of-a kind work of art. After all, no home is quite like yours, why not amplify that uniqueness with a design element specially created for you and your home..


Our iron garden gates create an enchanting entry way into your garden, yard, or commercial property and provide pedestrian access through your fencing. Our iron garden gates are easy to install and can match our beautiful Driveway Gates.

We do patio Furniture Repair, Patio Furniture Restoration, Patio Furniture Refinishing, Professional Wrought Iron Restoration.


Diaz Welding products are custom designed to fit the needs of our customers. Our years of experience have made Diaz Welding a name synonymous with professionalism and quality in the industry. our customers have come to rely on us to get the job done on time and in budget.

Diaz Welding specializes in architectural metal fabrication and specialty furniture items. All of our items are custom made, to your exact specifications. We have the ability to do small or large projects, from small furniture items, to large architectural spaces.


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